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Modern Dating Made Me a Bitch | Popp Culture

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Published on 24 Jul 2020 / In Comedy

⁣Andrea Wesley is a self-proclaimed alpha female in her mid-30s who says "modern dating" is to blame for her being an insufferable, entitled, whiny, narcissistic thot. Yeah, right...

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jeffclouser 9 months ago

Show me a Man who will pay full retail for a used vehicle with 150,000 miles, I'll show you a SIMP !

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bin4ry_d3struct0r 12 months ago

Translating from cunt to English, "I didn't turn into a bitch. I was always a bitch. My standards were way too high, and the decent men who actually went out of their way to give me a shot wanted nothing to do with me after I showed them who I really am."

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Florin_Curteanu 1 year ago

Humans do not appreciate free things in general. So in no case a respectable man will appreciate a woman who gave her prize for free.

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berniet 1 year ago

She says that she is a bitch... Okay. Have fun with that. Learn to love cats.

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HornyMeatball 1 year ago

This woman is insufferable.

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MortRigo 1 year ago

She was a bitch all the time.

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DarkDan65 1 year ago

Love it, you guys are the best. MSG POPP you speak the gospel. Blake with the green screen, you are like the voice in my head at work that speaks reality. Good thing I'm deslexic, I use it as a claymore when some one gets their Fee Fee's hurt.
Keep it up. You make my friday nights.... other than the korean chick that come over at 9pm to work on my "mussel Spazems"

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IkemenKyoushi23 1 year ago

Let me tell you about something that I came up with just now when i heard Popp say "you're out of gas".

Imagine 10 women and 10 men are racing on an F1 grand prix.
Those 10 women are hired by the top teams while the 10 men are hired by comparatively weak teams.

Now consider that in qualifying, the 10 women make it to the top of the grid and the 10 men are behind them because of their respectively lower performance of their cars.

The race starts, lights out and here we go!
Out of those 20 racers, 3 retire because of a crash (2 women and 1 men), 5 retire from engine issue (3 women and 2 men).
12 racers remain.
The remaining 5 women racers start to progressively become slower as they lose power from abusing their car for more speed while the men drivers keep driving efficiently despite being so far behind, and eventually because of that, they overtake all the women drivers.

At the end, the 7 men finish before the 5 women.
The men have more race points than the women completely negating the results of the qualifying session.
In summary, women might have the fastest qualifying laps during their early stage, but in the end,
men are the ones who win the race of life if they just hang in there.
Therefore, if someone that should never settle for less, IT'S US.
Never give up, never surrender.

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I can't stand to see the destruction of everything. We have to take all our stuff and head for the hills to be at peace. Oy vey smir.

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Oddball56 1 year ago

Hey Popp & Blake! One of these days you guys are going to be double timing one of those thots and she's going to LIKE IT!! Then you will really be in trouble!! HAHAHA!!!

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doczg88 1 year ago

She is below average in looks.

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Shadow Monk99
Shadow Monk99 1 year ago

The modern friendzone made me into an asshole, I’m glad that undeserving thot is tasting the consequences of hoedom.

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MadrigalTV 1 year ago

I like and share these videos before I even watch them. POPP 4 POTUS 2024!

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Codexman 1 year ago

Fantastic video Gents straight and to the point. Been trying my darndest to get my buds on to alt-tech. Loads of great shit her. Popp you are in a class by yourself! I love the crazed toxic male Blake.

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crimsonhawk 1 year ago

any one else look up this chick Andrea? she's not hott. and most of her articles are bitching and complaining about her life and what MEN need to know instead of working on herself.

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wigglewagon 1 year ago

Ain't it always the way? A rational mind would realize the common denominator in all these tales of woe is themselves. But whamen and particularly wammalos will always double down that they're never the problem. Obviously these are not rational minds though.

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JMV59 1 year ago

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for life. Build a man a fire, you keep him warm for a day. Set a man on fire, you keep him warm for the rest of his life.

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HairlessMonkey 1 year ago

Bitch, an ancient western European word for, "I like cats a hell of a lot more than men."

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teddybearmgtow 1 year ago


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DarkDan65 1 year ago

Another Great one there MSG. also love the green screen of Blake, You guys are the truth bomb that we all need. must watch for fridays now. Thanks for the laughs. (also, almost have my bar stocked as good as yours, almost)

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AladinDarkness 1 year ago

12:30 reminds me of the instructions we received in the Military, Duck and Cover...

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Sirius 1 year ago

Avoid at all costs, regardless of age or for what ever reason - an angry woman.

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Joeman30 1 year ago

Sick of being ghosted?
Damn femcels.

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warhorse 1 year ago

Having sex with a woman these days is like fucking a used condom.

   16    0
BitHound 1 year ago

LMAO, Good one, I will have to remember that

   4    0
LongRedRoad 1 year ago

Another winner Popp!

   4    0
BH206L3 1 year ago

Norm Petersen lives!

   2    0
OmniStrata 1 year ago

Sexdoll... here I cum!???

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