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Midnight club rant 1

crimson hawk
crimson hawk
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Published on 29 Jun 2020 / In Other

heros journey
character Arc one

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Sentient_Of_Truth 15 days ago

yes. to all these things.

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Furioso 16 days ago

Women are like cats they don't care of others ,they are selfish ,lazy ,useless and always seeking the best comfort anywhere else when they are outside the house .Instead men are like dogs ,they care for others ,have empathy ,are loyal ,useful and risk their lives for their family .Even when i haved my first girlfriend at 20 ,she was 15 ,i felt deeply bad in my guts ,when she looked too long in my eyes ,i felt that she was sucking my soul and i turn into an aggressive asshole after that .In my twenties ,i felt the same way for other women and i treated all of them like shit and it worked .Something in me told me to not trust these girls and i was right ,all the girls who i fucked saw other men in my back ,i knew most of these men and they were the emotionnal pussy begging beta cuck type .Some of these white knights wanted to break my head ,but they were silent in front of me ,i was a crazy motherfucker at this time ,i broke bones like i break sugar .Now i'm wiser and much more peaceful with others , 5 years of celibacy helped me to calm myself and search responses about myself and females, when i discover the red pill ,i don't felt red pill rage instead it was a liberation of all my negativity .Since that day ,i avoid women like the plague ,they try to approach me and i act like a pussy for them to leave me alone .I'm going my own way now and there won't be a next time on this rotten plantation .

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Johnny_Cage 12 days ago

Amen brother. I read that paragraph you wrote and I almost felt the anger, resentment, and disgust seeping through the computer screen. It smells like burning lightbulbs and hot metal: seething with subdued rage and indignant malice.

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crimson hawk
crimson hawk 16 days ago

narc recovery = mgtow
redpill = voice of god

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