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Middle School Boys Speak Out Against Feminism & The Next Gen of MGTOW

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Published on 20 Jan 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Image Courtesy of Pexels.com

The next generation of MGTOW men will likely emerge at an even younger age as the years go by. This belief was corroborated by a conversation that I had with my sister the other day as she was working at her job at a middle school.

Middle school boys were asked about their frustrations with the girls at the school. A MGTOW moment ensued. #hoodiesup

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ExperimentalGroup 8 days ago

Soon, these boys will find that these concerns they have are valid when they discover MGTOW and they will. That can be a legit generation of young men that is far greater than the size of MGTOW now. That’s epic. Feminism will die, alone and insane.

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Menwalkaway 9 days ago

It is 2021 The Majority of Women Hate Men
#metoo #timesup #killallmen #killallwhitemen #yesallmen
3rd/4th wave Feminist Hate all men and boys cult Religious War on Men.

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Naxfir 1 month ago

I remember watching this when I was still in school 3 years ago, this video helped a lot to help me relate to other peers. We had the same feminists bullshit in my school and I simply never said a thing and just woke up fellow friends who had been a little bit red-pilled already. Glad I am out of the union indoctrination camp, I remember it feeling like I just got out of prison.

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sauger1001 1 month ago

Red pill=Truth.

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sauger1001 1 month ago

Whether we know it or not, God is at work here.

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I have started to get stuck into the women when they serve up their psycho mind fuck feminist shit...

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cth96190 1 month ago

Soon boys in their mid teens will have been exposed to so much Feminist/Communist hatred, insanity and lies that a huge proportion of boys will choose the path of the MGTOW monk while they are teenagers.
Young men will see females as the hate-driven liars that they have been indoctrinated to become.
This will accelerate the demographic collapse of Western Civilisation, which was always the real Feminist/Communist goal.

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Ener 1 month ago

stop using the word western. It is everywhere the same. People watch the same shitty american stuff, eat the same shit, women use the same dating apps and promiscuity is rising even in Iran supposedly a conservativ muslim country. It is the new world order not the western world order

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thisisamgtowaccount 1 month ago

@Ener: yes, this is very good to be aware of. I had a delusion that south America might be a good place to escape to for a better social environment. Having studied Spanish with a tutor for a while online, I've learned more about the culture. Girls still get fucked in the bathroom while their cucked boyfriend is in the bar and then fantasize about repeating this exciting behavior. This is in a Catholic country where girls still look feminine and beautiful.

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satcomer 1 month ago

My old age still rings for young boys, the one bright spot you through back to girls in school is tell the with rise in transgenders wave Women sports will soon disappear and sorry for actual females!

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MR Mayhem
MR Mayhem 1 month ago

There is a problem with this though. If they get red-pilled in the system, they have years of brainwashing to go through before being free of it, if ever.

Fathers, please educate your sons with red-pills, but also teach them to shut their fucking mouths when interacting with the system, for speaking truth will make them targets.

At least until they are men and capable of fighting for themselves.

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sydneymgtow 1 month ago

I dunno bro. I think the majority of boys need to speak up. They can only be singled out as a lone target if there isn't a multitude of them.

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@sydneymgtow: I wish, but that's just not possible, especially at this stage in the race to the statist cesspool. I'm Gen Z and many of the boys and young men around me are damn near or truly clueless to the bullshit around us, whether it be regarding females as mystiques or supporting progressives (which both the democrats and republicans have been for a long time). The only way the academic systems of the West will be reformed properly is if changes and replacements in governmental function take place, current and future taxpayers afterall are in dedication to support this.

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MR Mayhem
MR Mayhem 1 month ago

@sydneymgtow: A boy speaking up will quickly make the father a target as well. My point is not to make boys passive, but to When interacting with authority, display an acceptable interface, as to protect themselves. When communicating with other men and boys is different an should be considered and taught by the father. The point of my statement is that the new generating needs a thoughtful guiding hand in order to remain men and value freedom.

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Zalix512 1 month ago

Big Sister would not work for Government without them.

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Zalix512 1 month ago

They use false rape claims at the VA Disability to get paid for life. It is the main reason why there are so many homeless male veterans. Do Police officers who are women get raped while on duty?
I’m just asking. These are supposedly trained women.

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Councilof1 1 month ago

I used to be subscribed to this guy's channel. Good vid.

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KEEPER 1 month ago

SunriseHoodie is a good guy, just last night I watched one of his more recent videos, where he started talking about mirroring content to some atl tech platforms, I suggested he take his content here, but his video was about Paul proteus, who just recently has passed in December. And talking about saving his content. I personally didn't know of Paul proteus and his work. But I did know of sunrise hoodie. And I remember a lot of Sunrise hoodie videos they were very inspiring to me.

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