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Mid 40s Woman Asks: "Where Have All The Good Men Gone?!"

Donovan Sharpe
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Published on 14 May 2021 / In Film & Animation

TSR Throwback Clip where Donovan classically breaks down an Amy Horton who is a mid 40s woman asking "Where Have All The Good Men Gone?!", quotes Sheryl Sandberg's advice to women on dating and relationships, and analyzes why women end up single and alone. SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE BELL!
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00:00 Get the Book of Womanese $16 at https://tinyurl.com/womanesebook
00:45 Sanbergian principal of dating and relationships
2:00 Making necessity a virtue
2:25 I’m panicking because I’m getting older and there is no one left to date
03:50 “I have plenty of time” she says
05:37 When she says “took time to recover” she means…
07:02 Where Have All The Good Men Gone?
08:21 Everyone is already in a serious relationship
10:30 The only available men are young or divorced
15:00 Older guys don’t want kids?
18:10 Men aren’t looking for a co-pilot
20:25 I should just give up and settle for less
21:41 I will die alone!!!
22:15 What happens when women take relationship advice from broken women

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Maxxx 24 days ago

This is exactly why fathers used to choose their daughter's husbands for them. Females left to fend for themselves will end up alone forever.

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Ratherbefishing 1 month ago

Anal/Genital warts Horton is a filthy diseased cunt. She has had just about every STD going and will be barren by now. Who in their right mind would dirty their dick in it.
The beauty of Warty Horton is that she has been and is cataloging her personal train wreck. It is fascinating to watch.

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