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MGTOW Why We Must Defend IVF

Published on 24 Feb 2024 / In Film & Animation

The cuckservative and gynocentric trad cucks are threatening IVF this time, here i explain why we must stop them and defend IVF and the answer is pretty clear. IVF is the main pathway to surrogacy and artificial womb technology and anything that threatens that is evil

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#mgtow #manosphere #redpill #feminism #antifeminism

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jim bennett
jim bennett 2 months ago

huh, I guess then clone me up a denise richards , a brooke shields , a suzanne somers, a Jane Fonda for sure ,, a gwyneth Paltrow and Heather Graham.. actually I will take 2 heather grahams. . I am certain my offspring with them will make for a better future world gene pool. aw dam I almost forgot one Toni Tennile and maybe a Donna D'Erico. the abba blonde was cute too.. ya, i'd breed with that.. on another note I wonder who is deciding to bring all these 3rd world brown people into America.. thx mstr Igor. let me know when the lab and specimen material is ready. is ready.. I have been freezing my spemen since I was 11 and not sure which vintage to use.

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Can you post some links to the actual area of combat, with who are the sides what are their address's, what can be done and how and who too?

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Igor MGTOW And Video Games

while most of the anti IVF arguments and rhetoric is online there is a real world case where a decision has been made based on the non credible formula of "frozen embryos = people" my prediction is that this will expand to other deep red states (mostly republican states). the best way we have to prevent this is to not vote for the candidates supporting ivf and surrogacy restriction. if they lose in 2024 ivf and surrogacy are atleast guaranteed to survive another few years. interesting the democrats will be the ones protecting ivf and surrogacy, they see it was just an attempt to further solidify abortion bans and theres a chance they will support us mgtows in defending ivf and surrogacy. as both the democrats and republicans view 2024 as a final battle of sorts its best to make sure that we support those who will back our interests regardless of which party they are on.

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Toki 2 months ago

Children have no future anyways. I wish I wasn't conceived and forced to experience life on Earth with humans.
As a man you should be intelligent enough to realize that only the top ruling class has any reason whatsoever to bring heirs into this corrupt world. Our peasant bloodlines are best guided to die off so they run out of tax slaves, labor slaves, debt slaves, Drafted soldiers, etc.

As of now IVF is three things. It's not for men at all though because men bad right?
1. It's for women to get pregnant without men and receive child welfare.
2. It's for all the couples who want a child but the mother is sterile from birth control, vaccines, Pharma in general, diet, weight, etc. So the mother can eventually get child welfare, child support, and alimony.
3. It's for lesbian couples who want child welfare and attention.
What IVF is not - Natural. Healthy. Safe. Affordable and accessible for 99% of men. I'm sure Bill Gates is probably doing it though. Yeah. You really want to be like that weirdo and make an AI test tube baby? Just get a house pet bro. You need something cute in your life? Have you heard of waifus? You don't have to feed them and house them though. You don't need to work all day for breadline economies to support waifus.
Yes it's completely free for women, but men have to pay 100%. That's if they let you. Who owns that industry? Woke clowns and shitty investor types profiting off something that shouldn't even be about money/personal gain. Then when your test tube AI baby becomes two years old they have a serious illness that requires expensive lifelong medical services. How did that happen? $.$
The best course of action is to contribute as little as possible to this corrupt world run by demons. Give them no food to nourish on. A test tube baby is their product stamped with a SSN and tax ID code. What a life they to look forward to right? I'm sure a newborn baby today will love future food prices for example. As they live under a bridge with the rest of the peasants who are now homeless. All because their ignorant parents forced them into this environment while refusing to secure their safe future. Instead their father is praised for joining the military for example. Thanks for putting up an electric fence around DC palaces National Guard Dad. Make sure we the plebian family stay out in the slums where we belong.
Reproduction has no purpose in today's world. Only fools/prey reproduce more property. The aborted ones are wronged, but also spared especially if they end up being a boy. The course of action is 100% responsible celibacy from men, give women nothing, give Gov nothing, give big Corpo nothing, give big Medical/Pharma nothing, and enjoy free waifus for that unfortunate biological curse. They are more feminine and attractive anyways. Hilariously enough they are also more "Diverse" as the clowns say. Dragon waifus, elves, whatever you need it's been created. They will not produce meal tickets for themselves and debt for you as a man.

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