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MGTOW Tik Tok Compilation 20

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Published on 22 Oct 2021 / In Film & Animation
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It's a pity that all the videos about fucked up women, have to have fucked up women and their fucked up bullshit in them.

Have had to deal with about 20 of the cunts with bad cases of the "Know All - Know Fuck All Syndrome", today.

They are all drug fucked, have opinions on everything, and they can't and won't do anything...

And they all support each other and each others bullshit.

It's like they fall over board from a passenger liner, and you throw them a life ring and scream, "Get in it! Get in it! Quick!"

They shout back, "Don't you tell me what to do! ( white male fucktard! )"

And the ship sails into the night, and they bob around in the ocean - for a while.....

Never to be heard from again.

These days, in regards to the IDIOT women and their bullshit opinions - No life ring, No helpful advice AND no fucks given.

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tekrat 10 months ago

What a rip off. I clicked on this video just to the girl in the thumbnail.

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LongRedRoad 10 months ago

ok abc 123 lol, anyway great video.

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sauger1001 10 months ago

Just another reason I wouldn't waste my time using social media to look for dates/hookups. The vast majority of crazy comes out with these nut jobs.

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