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MGTOW The Term "VALUE" Is Just A Reskinned Argument

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Published on 09 Sep 2020 / In People & Blogs

Just weighing in.

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Zuberi87 1 month ago

Skill trumps value every damn time!
Great video fam!

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Bobtheman1991 1 month ago

I guess that I am a hedonist myself to a degree._.Not at the expense of others.._but also taking care of my aging parent as well._.

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S. Ironheart
S. Ironheart 1 month ago

After listening to your video, I realized that I'm a hedonist as well--I just don't do it at the expense of others. The term has a certain social and moral stigma, but honestly I don't care. You should always enjoy yourself in those moments when you aren't working on improving yourself.

Good call on the rebranding. "High value men" are still treated like disposable tools. Hard pass.

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Navigator of none
Navigator of none 1 month ago

Value could mean different things to other people. For men, SELF-WORTH should be the key word, regardless if the man is red pilled or not.

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MoonBase 1 month ago

I only care about what my family thinks about me, but I'm slowly removing that day by day. However, I don't think I'll fully get over it until I move away from them (truly go my own way). As for the "high value" thing, it's actually terminology on the femaledatingstrategies subreddit, so definitely any man who using that term does not have a man's true happiness and freedom in mind. He's selling you to the slavers, as Delilah Despised is talking about lol.

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Delilah Despised
Delilah Despised 1 month ago

RPM I hear a lot of people talking about slavery these days but pussy slavery is never mentioned. For all you young guys out there trust me when I tell you there is nothing more liberating than walking off The Pussy Plantation.

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Fedupbitter1 1 month ago

After all this while I'm still unsure of some MGTOW terms. For instance external validation. I guess its where other peoples approval , sense of societal
rightness are being implied. But of course I'm not the lone maverick trendsetter type. I don't know how common I am as a man but maybe like yourself
I possibly sense many of the MGTOW premises are true. And its as though I was a character in an H.P. Lovecraft story beginning to grasp the tragedy of
his situation. But unlike yourself I cannot resolve myself to dolls.Of Course I long and nearly ache for sentient fembots, that walk ,talk and interact with
men. They're forty ,fifty years away though, so of course I hope to pursue other goals. I think I like your spirit though.

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Craig F
Craig F 1 month ago

PUAs love those terms because they are still little more than pussy beggars. So it's not surprising they'll use feminist style shaming language, more to splash mud on others to make themselves look/feel good.

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VBLAKEROSE 1 month ago

That is right. This kind of double talk is nothing more than female validation repackaged.

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