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MGTOW - The Manosphere's Wall Delusion

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Published on 22 May 2020 / In Film & Animation

⁣#MGTOW #RedPill #TheWall

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Gtilly 2 days ago

For me MGTOW means helping men, whether that helps or hurts women is beyond the point.
My idea of how to help men is to push feminism to the extreme so that it will burn out of society as fast as possible. Women want the government to give them free college, fine. We pass a law that says colleges must give free education to women. It WON'T be the government paying for it, it will be the government saying that this is something owed to women so the universities have to do it for free. The feminists themselves will take up that cause and get behind it because it allows women to get free stuff. The end result is no college will want to accept any women. Men get to go to college again without the worry of being accused of sexual assault by an ex who is a fellow student.
Women want to complain about the wage gap, fine. We make a law that says the minimum salary for any woman working in any organization is $200,000 a year no matter how little she works and no matter if she fails to even show up for the first day of work or not. Once the woman is hired the company has to pay and can not fire her. The women themselves will champion this cause if they sense blood in the water and they feel they can get away with it. Once enacted it will be extremely difficult for any woman to find a job, thus allowing men to do their work in peace.
Women say that marriage is really slavery. Ok, fine. We make it so that any man who wants to get married will immediately lose all his assets to his new wife and on top of that he will then become her legal dependent and will lose the right to do many things and will need his wife's permission for things like buying alcohol, voting, getting a driver's license, traveling out of state, et al. The end result is every man will no longer think that there is only a 50% chance of losing everything they have. It will be a guarantee and they will be shamed for getting married. The women will celebrate this and the end result is men being free and no man wanting to get married at all.

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John_Doe 3 days ago

Well said. It's called MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way. It's NOT called MOWRFOTEWDTW: Men Obsessed With Revenge Fantasies Over The Exes Who Did Them Wrong. Red Pill Rage is a thing; no argument there. But remember this; every second you spend obsessing over her is yet another second she's stealing out of your life. And she's not even in your life anymore! Why continue to give her that power over you?

I'll concede there's value in men making videos of their past negative experiences with women serving as cautionary tales for other men. However, there's a distinction between mentorship and being unable to let go of the past. Ever forward, gentlemen, ever forward!

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Visorseen 3 days ago

Move on is the best thing you can do. Youre 100 percent right. Enjoy your life. Stop worrying about one woman. I know theres some irony of me saying this on a MGTOW website, but I think its okay to talk about women so long as its not related to a specific one.

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Sandro 3 days ago

MGTOW is only way sucess.

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Sandro 3 days ago

I'm Brazilian MGTOW

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ZeroFucks 4 days ago

I just love watching them hit it. I threw my delusions away 20 years ago. Now it's all just kicking back and enjoying the Schadenfreude all around me.

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