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MGTOW The lives of Men Don't Matter in the UK


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Published on 12 Apr 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Toki 1 month ago

Oh god. There is no mega virus idiot. They are overweight and unhealthy. Our food supply is poison. Same with "medicine" Pharma products. Considering the radioactive garbage we have to eat I wouldn't worry a little flu or cold.
Meanwhile people are cooking their brains with mobile phones as well. Lack of exercise. Or you could simply be killed by criminals/police/military at any time. Who cares about the tiny chance of dying to any random disease? I'm more likely to die when I go to work.
Also if I did die from an infection that would be welcome. Why do people even want to live in hyper-inflation, taxes, feminism, clown world?
The virus is so scary that the Muslims have stopped taking over your country?
How is Planned Parenthood OK when simply spreading a minor disease unintentionally is not?
Should we all stop driving cars as well? Look at those dangerous selfish people leaving their homes and risking your life by driving a vehicle.
We need to ban civilian guns because someone might die oh no. UK! Next you're banning smokes? Kitchen knives and butter knives. Spoons. Breathing oxygen is an affront to other people's safe space.
I know what you are saying but the cops are simps. They are the virus just like women are.
Everyone should stop having sex and procreating because they might spread STD or a flu virus. More children = more disease carriers. Besides women don't deserve men in the bedroom anyways.

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