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MGTOW Reading and Responding to Viewer Comments

Howard Walton
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Published on 27 Jun 2020 / In People & Blogs

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KEEPER 6 months ago

i agree with staying away from apple products. way too much restriction.
and it appears like Microsoft is on their way in going in the same direction.
i too like to have more open programs to use.

yes there are still restrictions on android, but you can get around the restrictions if you know what you are doing. but with an iPhone your fucked, they control all of what you can do, and sure they might have better malware protection because of this, but it's not a freedom platform, you can't disable features that are hard-coded to prevent you from leaving their system. that's not freedom, the apple products are devices of slavery. androids are also kind of devices of slavery but you aren't nearly as limited as you are with iPhone or apple products.

going back to Microsoft, bill gates is fucked up in the head absolutely! and tho i like using his products, i understand at some point i may also want to drop this device and use something else as the man bill gates is trying to run his platform like he parades his fucked political values, and that freaking scares me...the man wan'ts the one world government shit that all the main stream have been trying to allow to take hold all around the world.

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Bagoodman 10 months ago

Today ( In 2020 ) !? Until the laws change Just stayaway from weemon and even then there not worth the drama & Problems .Weemon Don't Look at Love the same way as Men do . I don't think they know what real love is or feels like . SAD $hit they think Money is love ! (( MGTOWmonkFOREVER ))

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