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MGTOW - Pt 2. Ways Women Are Like Children

Published on 12 Oct 2019 / In Entertainment
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Freeatlast 6 months ago

A coworker acts just like A freaking girlfriend with all the crap the pull.
If I had to have a woman partner at work, I would do anything to get the hell out of that. It will probably cost you your job or a serious demotion. It's the same with a girlfriend or a wife. You will get screwed over. Doesn't matter if you get a divorce or not.
My wife acted just like you said for accountability and for creating drama or attention. If they don't get their way, woman's fallback is to cry. Then when she's done Sh*t will really hit the fan on you. And you have not seen the end of payback on that one. So you just can't win.

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