MGTOW Philosophy - Women, School, Money, and Life By Truth Over Everything

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Published on 10 Aug 2020 / In Film & Animation


A great video by Truth Over Everything whose channel is no longer around.

Some Books Mentioned in The Video:
1. The Way of Superior Man:
2. Manipulated Man:
3. No Mr. Nice Guy:
4. 48 Laws Of Power:
5. Art of Learning:
6. Wisdom Psychopath:
7. Art Of War:

My Playlist of Books:
1. Manipulated Man:
2. Anatomy of Female Power:
3. MGTOW Books:

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Dan1nu 25 days ago

yeah! where are the others?

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Benja Sariwatta
Benja Sariwatta 1 month ago

seems you listed more books and videos than you posted in the description.

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Alpha_Male_Guide 1 month ago

This isn't my video, just an old video I had saved to my computer, a lot of the video mentioned I couldn't find them. If you do find them, let me know, and I'll updated my description.

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