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MGTOW Philosophy - Dangerous Waters By Spetsnaz

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Published on 14 Mar 2021 / In Film & Animation

⁣#Spetsnaz #MGTOW #Redpill

Spetsnaz: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/a6pdTDyJoLjk/
Spetsnaz: https://lbry.tv/@Spetsnaz:9

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Defundthehoes 2 months ago

MGTOW reaches all the way around the world. Men need to take care of each other (no homo).

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theWarrior 2 months ago

Oh what dangerous waters we now tread! Society is collapsing once again thanks to women and the men who have allowed them to garner this dangerous and unchecked/ unbalanced power! Just like in the beginning with Adam and Eve, Adam relinquished his God-given authority for Eve's pooh-nanny and we are facing Vagina-pocolypse #2. -the Warrior

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SPECTRE 2 months ago

always on point. these hard truths are hard pills to swallow and must be repeated so we won't ever forget them.

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awol201 2 months ago

Tried to like your comment, would not let me ,

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ThinkorDie 2 months ago

A Hell of their own making. This analogous to driving at night and your headlights go out. Instead of hitting the brakes and fixing the lights (find out you've been lied to and salvage relationships), you step on the accelerator and wait for a collision to stop progression down this treacherous road.

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