MGTOW - No More Pump and Dump

Published on 15 Sep 2020 / In Film & Animation

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MrA_H0Ie 12 days ago

It's really peaceful to watch this after I tapped out of any type of relationships with women years ago.
I like to observe which way young men's attitude develops.

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Atton 14 days ago

Pump and dump is honestly something that comes off as being simply too dangerous for me personally

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Freeatlast 15 days ago

Waiting until you get a stable serious relationship before sex will turn you into that plantation slave. Those endorphins are powerful and they totally overpower any logical thought you may have about a woman’s place and any authority you might have.
If you want to join the plantation, have a Serious
relationship with sex.

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Iknewit 15 days ago

" Every Meaningless Nut. " 04:00 - there is a song in their somewhere brother.

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Councilof1 15 days ago

I fully agree. I have very good reasons for going monk.

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awol201 15 days ago

watch where you put it .

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ExperimentalGroup 15 days ago

The oxymoronic statement is ‘cheap thrill’. What is cheap when consorting with women. The time you spend learning game takes years. The days and months that you spent talking to trolls to gain the confidence to talk to hot girls? Yeah, you aren’t getting that time back from the meaningless interaction spent on someone you aren’t attracted to just so v you can talk to those you ARE attracted to. And say you don’t learn game and spend money on dates and drinks that go nowhere. That money is equal to time that you spent at a job you may not enjoy or even hate. It goes back to Pareto Principle, that 20% have access to 80% of the women worth dating. The system is rigged. Women are inherently damaged by decades of feminism that reduced them to relatively attractive parasites that extract superior genes and resources through Specially selected hosts.

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Holdingtheline 15 days ago

A guy who has lot of sex with women is a stud. A woman that has lots of sex with men is a whore because it's easier for women to get it. However
it just better not to touch them or bother with them in the first place, I like women but just over there where it's safe.

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Hammerhead69 15 days ago

God damn right, be careful where you stick your dick STD's and crazy ass women who will do you harm body or wallet.

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Wolf178 15 days ago

Yeah it's always body and wallet now a days

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