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MGTOW My mother aka the Momster

Grizzly Rising
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Published on 16 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

Talking about my alcoholic, pyschopathic mother.

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Shadewalker 22 days ago

My mother would rage a lot and I just need to get away from her. I keep her at arms lathe. I am a lot happier now just being on my own

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KEEPER 23 days ago

Ģod Damn Grizzly On Fire!

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Mustang 23 days ago

#1. My father emotionally abused and rejected me.
#2. After a suicide attempt, my parents refused to come and see me in the hospital.
#3. All my life my parents treated me like a burden.
#4. My counselor told me I show all the signs of being sexually abused as a child.
#5. Money was always the god in my mother's life not her children.
#6. I was always treated like the black sheep in the family.
#7. My mother and sister conspired together to cheat me out of a quarter of a million dollar inheritance.
Grizzly, I understand full well why you feel the way you do. No shame, Bro. #MGTOWFORLIFE

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