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MGTOW Level 2: the Yellow Belt

Published on 12 Sep 2022 / In People & Blogs

The Yellow Belt. When the red pill has taken effect and a man has made the decision to take the off ramp to independence. The Rooster covers the pitfalls of this stage where many men have not yet been able to abandon long term relationships with women. some pitfalls are "the list", "the bullseye theorem" and "her number". Countermeasures are given for all of them.

Applied skill taught at the Yellow Belt level: Time, distance and shielding.

The belts of MGTOW
1. White Belt (the red pill)
2. Yellow Belt
3. Green Belt
4. Blue Belt
5. Brown Belt
6. Black Belt

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RodrickSage 4 months ago

Never keep more than a thousand-dollars cash, if you have more than a thousand dollars, buy gold or things that make your life easier.

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