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MGTOW Leads To A Form Of Enlightenment

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Published on 27 Aug 2020 / In People & Blogs

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MGTOW leads to a form of enlightenment

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a more than generous donation from Nathan and this is the fourth video of five that I'm dedicating to him. Today's adventure leads us to a reddit post that shares the same name as the title of this video and I've also put it in the description. Here's what someone named EL 10 Rub has to say and I quote: "Let me explain. We men are what we are, virtuous, hard working, independent, giving, caring, protecting blah blah blah. Before the red pill we believed our endeavours were noble, that we were being 'Men'. Once I discovered the red pill I was pissed on a number of levels. Understanding womens true nature was a tough pill, but a pill it was nonetheless and it had to be taken. But then what? All of our motivations to do what we do are rendered worthless. Why continue to toil and sacrifice etc for people who simply dont give a flying f about you? Your whole belief system is shattered. But, this is maybe where it starts.. Looking externally for value and affirmation is the wrong route. We have to look inside and FIND our purpose, our true value. Dont get me wrong its not easy but once you begin to look and filter out the nonsense, things
become clearer. Instead of raging and/or hoping to find the unicorn, completely remove yourself from the matrix and walk on. I feel more calm and peace now then Ive ever done in my entire life, everything makes sense and I'm not fighting battles everyday. Unquote. I'll get to my thoughts about this and more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOWs Guide to Retiring on 200K in southeast Asia: Anyways, now back to the video. After you take the MGTOW red pill and go through the red pill rage why would you toil and sacrifice for people that don't care about you. For myself I know that once I went my own way it finally gave me an excuse to be selfish in my life for the first time. I asked myself the question what do you want from life? Of course I already knew the answer to that question but never really gave myself permission to give myself the things that I wanted. When I tried getting the things I wanted before I was shamed for being selfish. MGTOW led to a level of enligtenment where I no longer felt shame to go for the things that I wanted. I didn't have to ask anyone to do them and I found that I didn't have anyone there to slow me down. There were two parts of me in conflict fighting for which purpose I should persue in life. A family or trying to change the world. MGTOW resolved that conflict for me because it showed me that relationships and family were not something I was constituted for because after being living with women I would literally go insane. MGTOW offered me the relief from having to make the choice between being in a relationship or being single. But for many guys they have bought into the life purpose of sacrificing their lives for others. So losing their purpose is a very scary thing. So I can understand why they would be depressed and anxious when the rug of reality has been pulled out from under their feet with nothing more than the truth about female nature. They feel depressed and like there's nothing they can do to get out of it. El 10 Rub made peace with the truth and that his old purpose to marry a land whale that looks more like a porpoise is dead and gone. For him I wouldn't say it's enlightenment.

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Madrigal Publishing Ltd

'Living a life of sacrifice for others' is the heart of the Judaeo-Christian culture. It is the herd mentality of the slave who loves his slavery. As a devotee of Nietzsche, I strive to be a higher man, to dare the lofty heights, to embrace solitude, and to become who I am. MGTOW is the same, for me, as the asceticism of the hermit, and has the same emotional, psychological, and spiritual rewards of peace, leading to clarity of thought, expression, and purpose.

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I have already achieved that MGTOW enlightenment by thinking what truly matters at the same time hugging and petting animal friends too.

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DutchCobbler 5 months ago

Communism doesn't even acknowledge that it's about lifting people, but openly decries it to lower achievers, workers, creators, and free thinkers to the lowest denominator, hold back progress, art, innovation, and freedom. Moochers don't even try holding people back like communists. They are a force of destruction.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 5 months ago

MGTOW lead me to Trump through Qanon which further enlightened me, Amen. Love&Cheers Bros and Love&Cheers Sandman keep up the great work my friend
; )

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