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MGTOW Is Like Magic For Your Money

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Published on 05 Sep 2020 / In People & Blogs

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MGTOW and Finances

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Kevan. He didn't send me a topic with his donation so I thought I'd cover a Reddit post called: MGTOW and Finances which I've put in the description. Here's what combat janitor on the MGTOW subreddit has to say and I quote: "When going MGTOW, how quickly did your financial situation change? In my experience, I found as soon as I stopped focusing on dates, hanging out/socializing, style/expensive clothing (minus one suit professionally), and other consumerist products, within a month I was able to really start saving money. It just kinda hit me out of the blue really that consumerism was really for women and female culture. That if I wasn’t playing the game competing for women’s attention, I could save money and invest really into my own savings, stock market, 401k, and my own personal hobbies (cars, guns/gear, gym equipment.) When I started saving money, I started eating healthier too and more fulfilling meals because I was no longer in a money in, money out paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. I think the best thing a young man can learn is to control his finances, by controlling his urges to compete for women and their attention through financial means (dates, expensive clothing for clubs/bars, and “gifts” for women.)" unquote. So with that out of the way I'll explore how quickly a man can turn his financial house in order after a relationship as well as giving everyone an update about investing during these interesting times with that beer bug going around. But before I do that let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor x-wolf Booster: Anyways, now back to the video. How quickly a man's financial situation turns around after a divorce depends firstly on if he's paying alimony and child support. If he is then in many cases it never turns around. But after that it depends on how much debt he has. But once you're clear of those things you can start stacking the cash. But then you run into the problems associated with how to invest that money. Especially in today's day and age. There are also ways to consume things you like and make money doing it. Recently I started buying action figures again and building up a collection. Most of the collectibles I have from the 1980s were mass produced but they are relatively rare and in demand. I don't have any intentions in selling them but they keep going up and up in value. So in the end my hobby has made me money if I sell what I have. Can a woman's purse or shoe hobby make money for her? I buy things that bring me
back good memories and feelings from my childhood. How can you put a price on that. As most of us get well into our forties and fifties we will have more resources and we will start to look back in time and want to buy back the things we owned as children. But the problem is there is too much demand and not enough supply so the price will go up and up. You can also invest in new memories by going on trips even if they are all by yourself and to all the places you wanted to go to while you were in relationships but never had a chance to visit.

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MGTOW_MONK 1 month ago

Mgtow lifestyle means I'm a hound dog on debt and money keeps on stacking in my wallet.

I believe that only physical gold silver guns cyrpto food will have worth except things like mining stocks and companies that make food maybe lumber stocks. Also psychical assets like tools

I'd recommend going off gird as you did say you were about to have fuck off money. All you really need is a internet connection

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sobig33433 1 month ago

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Freeatlast 2 months ago

MGTOW allows me to focus and plan my financial future. I don’t have someone, on a whim, nagging into my ear about where to spend my money. It gets really old to have someone with the mentality of a ping-pong ball trying to spend my money. I saved and invested for 20 some years, and it worked well for me. 15 years ago I hooked up with a Golddigger. That cost me a lot of money. That was my red pill experience. Never looked to women for anything after that.

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Rebellious_Relic 2 months ago

sometimes do nothing is the best play...no big decisions, no big spending. just stacking cash..... but you gotta be disciplined.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 2 months ago

Being single is most effective and efficient way to live the best financial lifestyle.

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SOUKadath 1 month ago

Concur. MGTOW is like a magic spell for solvency.

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