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MGTOW IS FREEDOM - why women HATE! the Answer is VITAL!

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Published on 07 Apr 2020 / In Film & Animation

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣(MGTOW is Freedom) Mirror Status

Power by : Johnny Mgtow

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The Nomadic Trucker
The Nomadic Trucker 1 year ago

Top of the morning to you big John I followed you over to here from YouTube and I joined mgtow TV a few days ago and I would like to share my Channel with you if you like to check out my videos over here on mgtow TV and tell me what you think talk to you later

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Franklin Cox
Franklin Cox 1 year ago

Hey John Sember Fi. wondered where you went to.

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Ranch3w 1 year ago


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Dave 1 year ago

Does John still do videos?

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Tetrimas 1 year ago

Is this where you went? I was concerned chief glad to of found you again.

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RickieV 1 year ago

They replace "compatible" with "equal". Can't play with mother nature like that.

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fishandchicks 1 year ago

Hey big John, I've missed Ya!!!
glade to see ya on this new app...

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ancientsea 1 year ago

The woman's hatred makes perfect sense in lieu of their nature. A woman is a tyrant. Feminism did not make them tyrants, they have always been tyrants by nature. This means, as part of tyrant, they are the ultimate Judge. A Judge passes judgement, or, in the case of women, they criticize everything. Judgmental by default.

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AntiCuck1982 1 year ago

There aren't any non-feminist women ... just chamelons

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Bagoodman 1 year ago

Hay Big John my Alfa MGTOW brother. In a post in Y T a women was bragging how she just tells Men what to do I left her this comment it was not taken well . Hope you like it... She did not ! ….( I am a double AA Alfa and never has a woman even tried to tell me whats right or wrong or what to do if thay did there gone and thay dont want that thay get too much from being even close to me .Thay win from things that fall from my pockets. My shadow keeps them cool from the heat of the world . And thay thank me for it . This is what a real Man is and does he provides protects he lives and dies for all he has built and all those he takes under his wing . He does this because of Love. Love for family wife children & friends. AND WOMEN HAVE KILLED THIS TYPE OF MAN. I MAYBE THE LAST OF MY KIND. Yes I think men should be a MGTOW in these times . Most Women dont deserve a Real Man) .Women ugly inside and out !

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