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MGTOW Is A Toxic Male Seperatist Movement - Really?

The Realist Philosopher
Published on 31 Aug 2020 / In Entertainment

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Freeatlast 2 months ago

Hi, Laura bates here. Ugmmmmm... Turkey legs and meat........
Monks just don’t want to be bothered with women. We are indifferent to women. We ghost in plain sight.
Women hate Indifference above all. Because they are attention and resource whores.
Monks have neighbors, friends, and good jobs. We can especially do whatever activities we choose that fulfill us. We love our lives and what we do. We just don’t have women suck off our resources.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

So am I a bad guy because I choose to not inflict my toxic Manly self upon these poor gentle souls. Rather I walk a different road and will keep to my self.

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