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MGTOW In The End Cash Is ALWAYS King

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Published on 23 Sep 2020 / In People & Blogs

⁣Brutally honest truth spoken here.

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S. Ironheart
S. Ironheart 27 days ago

The old lady interviewing him knows she's well past her expiration date; she was waiting for him to offer his resources to her. Women are so predictable with their dusty-ass hypergamy playbook.

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Bobtheman1991 28 days ago

I never have or never will go to the rip off web site Only Fans, I pay directly wether I go to a happy ending massage parlor or to purchasing a waifu.._

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scott sanger
scott sanger 28 days ago

MEN , just ignore the mindless drivel of 25+ yr olds.......... if you are over 50, have resources, lead the slots on.

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Hammerhead69 28 days ago

Old waahmins are pissed that their worn out and shop soiled twat isn't wanted and Men opt for young sweet and fertile . Bitching that young women are shallow, hell water splashed on the sidewalk is deeper than most of these cunts. They don't understand why they get no pay day.

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wanderer9641 28 days ago

Leave them wanting.

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Wolf178 28 days ago

Old man speaking truth. I love the part ca- who

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