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MGTOW Holding the Line on Haters

Published on 25 Sep 2023 / In People & Blogs

Some of us, having gone through and come out the other side of The Red Pill Rage? We might've forgotten that there's now ten of thousands of men coming up behind us from every country on the planet now.

MGTOW gave me freedom that very few people can even dream about and it took work to get that freedom. While it may just seem like we can just ignore haters, we need to understand that actual lives are on the line and a man may not get support because some hater thought he had an easy target with MGTOW and nobody dealt with that person

This is why we need to hold the line on haters! Not because it affects me anymore but because others are coming up behind me and we should never pull the ladder up behind us...In my humble opinion of course

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