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Published on 28 Oct 2020 / In People & Blogs

⁣This would be a great movie plot.

Article: https://247newsaroundtheworld.....com/crime/police-off

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TheMelancholicTigah 1 month ago

"A Man Can Only Take So Much Disrespect!"
General RPM!
MAAAAAAN I can't tell you enough how extremely humble I am!
I really can't. But you know what? I'm glad to be apart of all your trails and tribulations throughout the years as an unapologetic pedigree commentor.
And I wanna thank you. Though I can't thank you enough but still. I hope my services will continue to and remain constructive in all areas.

Now...for the typical stupid punk ass rawtarted b*tch who got the Darth Vader choke sleeper hold....by the FORCE!
Oh yeah! She asked for that sh*t!
What's the other HMT motto?
Play Stupid Games...Win Stupid Prises!
No f*cks given on part! Nooooooo!
One less....One less...One less b*tch WE gotta worry about!

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AngryCoffee 1 month ago

Good lord i love these video keep them coming they are top notch quality.

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Not even the gingerbread woman can escape the wrath of the baker she back stabbed. Run run as fast as you can, because your the ginger.... AHHHHHHHHHHHH(DEAD!).

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Hammerhead69 1 month ago

Everybocy is dirty in this one.

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pirania 1 month ago

See gentlemen, the life of a Chad is seriously complicated and dangerous, no thanks!!

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Councilof1 1 month ago

Never had a side chick. Just seemed like playing with unstable explosives. Never messed with any women I worked with as my dad would say don't shit where you eat. Bet she didn't see that ending coming until it was too late. I have to make some popcorn for these.

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NeoTheOutflanker 1 month ago

Im gonna keep em coming!

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