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Published on 23 Oct 2020 / In People & Blogs

⁣Two words. BERSERKER RAGE!!!

Article: https://www.thenewstribune.com..../news/local/crime/ar

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TheMelancholicTigah 1 month ago

"A man can only take so much disrespect"
-James Flora ,78

YEEEEEEAH! F*ck YEAH! (Loud Slow
Clapping Applause) Bra-F*ckin-Vo!
Ayo give this great guy The Golden Mask!
Why? He killed A HO! like The Elder said..."SHE WAS A HO!" sneezed on his food, tried to literally kill him in his sleep to the point where he woke up with cuts on his wrists?

Naaaaaw Naw Naw! B*tch its either
You....OR ME! AND it was her! Good f*ckin RIDDANCE!
In essence, This is what I call...Counter-Feminist Killing! Meaning you KILL FEMICUNTS! And rightfully so.
And quite frankly, if men had the mentality of a James Flora, the nation would be a waaaaay better place to live. I G-U-A-R-A-N-T-E-E You This! 99.99% of these typical modern western toilet whores need dirt NAPS! Now! Because THEY are the ones who are ruining OUR LIVES as I make my pedigree.

They DO NOT deserve to BREATHE the Same Air WE BREATHE! F*ck trying to cape and save em! Those days are over and long dead! If it were me...and I wore The Mask, gimme my 3 hots and a muthaf*ckin cot...but I saw to it before I set foot in the slams, THAT B*TCH GOT GOT!
Yeah! For Sure! ME!


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Hammerhead69 1 month ago

Read the Gor Books by John Norman. You'll love them.

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Hammerhead69 1 month ago

So he dropped the hammer on her goat smelling ass.

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Delilah Despised
Delilah Despised 1 month ago

All rise the Holy Church Of The Hockey Mask is in session the Honorable Rev. RPM officiating. Perhaps it's time for a Hockey Mask Time Geriatric Division Rev. RPM. Isn't it nice to know that he finally got some practical use from those mandatory shop classes he took 60 years ago Rev. ?

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Wolf178 1 month ago

Hahaha, the hockey mask spirit knows no age.

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Shadewalker 1 month ago

Hammer time.

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Furioso 1 month ago

This old man has been possessed by the spirit of shao kahn

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