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MGTOW Gyno Planet Part 5: Big Banking

Published on 04 Nov 2022 / In Film & Animation

The Rooster explores another method of control used by the gyno centric system to control men: Big Banking. Three methods of control are explored. Rooster indirectly gave the method to countercat them and fight back and they are listed in parentheses nex to each.

1. Perpetual debt (avoid using credit)
2. Elimination of cash (use cash as much as possible and barter/swap)
3. Transaction tracking (place wealth in areas that do not use the system for transactions)

The Gyno Planet Series:
0: Introduction
1. Gynocentrism
2. OverPopulation
3. Generational Pacification of Men
4. Elitist Elysium
5. Big Banking
6. Big Agriculture and Big Pharma

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