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Mgtow bookclub on investment&biz:reading&reviewing bits chp 20, Investment 10th Ed by Zvi Bodie etc

Published on 18 Sep 2023 / In How-to & Style

#investment #financialfreedom #financialeducation #loneliness #mgtow #blackpill #selfeducation #afterschooleducation #aftercollegeeducation
Disclaimer here: In no wise my videos or posts or any other types of contents constitute financial advice or professional recommendations pertaining to legal matters of any sort. Please always bear in mind to do your own diligence of research and prior homework before commiting yourself to any action that involve risk or risks or any potential to suffer loss(and not just financial loss you know). Nevertheless I wish the best for you guys all. Even my enemies and those who dislike or hate me. (or at least I imagine I'm trying to do so)..
I mainly aim to train up my speech articulation and to soothe the bordom of learning sh*t and loneliness along the way by making this video and I don't intend to monetise it even by any chance of fortunate occasions should my channel in the future qualify for Youtube's monetisation programme. Although I embedded a link to my Patreon page onto such video so I can earn some travel money to fund my own living expenses and escape from persecutions and harm particularly from wicked women & other parties and / or individuals posing dangers, harms and hurt to me. Meanwhile I shall also carefully invest some amount of you guys' kind patronage to generate a bit of extra income in order to purchase better gears and equipment for the sake of more quality videos and content production.

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Please consider suporting this channel @ should you reckon that my videos help sooth your pain in life particularly grief of losing a parent and/ or loved ones and loneliness and depression. Please don't feel pressured to give as I won't hate you for not doing it!
No matter whether you do or don't, thank you very much for your kindness and vast generosity for giving your attention to this video at least! May God bless us all by granting us a peaceful and relatively comfy life and a decent-looking and painless depature when our times come.
Filmed on 17/09/2023 AEST

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