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MGTOW Another Marriage Bites The DUST

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Published on 12 Sep 2020 / In People & Blogs
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Hammerhead69 1 month ago

He shouldn't piss on her were she on fire( He'll be the dude with the gas can). She needs a talking to in a come to Jesus moment. Pimp hand do your stuff. Keep finances separate always I made this mistake and I got to the bank before she could bleed it all.

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Shadewalker 1 month ago

Cheers to those men, let us learn from them.

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TheMelancholicTigah 1 month ago

Oh and by the way, Bar Bar is back on the scene including Sir Spetznaz and Man,Woman Myth. Go check them out on YouTube at your earliest convenience when you get a chance.

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awol201 1 month ago

No problem , just take bar bar with a GRAIN of salt .

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TheMelancholicTigah 1 month ago

So do I! And if he does win, he has to put on that MUTHAF*CKIN MASK!
That's what I would do. Only difference is, I will be soooo non remorseful, that I will NOT turn myself in to the authorities. Once I spill the blood, then...AND ONLY then I'll be at peace.

That's the kind of Code we as men NEED! that we don't have. And I'll be the first to try and bring it to the bin.

Yeah! For Sure. Me!

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