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Published on 31 Jul 2020 / In People & Blogs

She still got off easy.

AITA Post: ⁣

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are you staying married or are you eventually going to go mgtow

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Tom Kawamoto
Tom Kawamoto 8 days ago

They never mature past the emotional age of a teenager, no matter how old.

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jimbennett 8 days ago

yea, she was serious.. She'd turn your lives upside down too if ya let her.. she's a child molester.

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Alpha Male Lifestyle

that's a real man

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Super225 8 days ago

These stupid double standards have always fuckin pissed me off. This is an issue that needs to come to an end. Only problem is that there are too many damn simps that allow these double standards to take place.

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MGTOW_LIFE 8 days ago

A man in his own house makes the rules. Period.

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relentlesshustle 9 days ago

damn went in on that post wall bitch

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Craig F
Craig F 9 days ago

Ditch that bitch of a wife. Let the son know about the RED PILL, and warn him about female fuckery. Don't let "Kathy" back period. Cuntbags like that never learn or obey rules.

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Delilah Despised
Delilah Despised 9 days ago

RPM you misogynist bastard this is nothing more than " Stella getting her groove back !!! " I keep hearing about these Cougars but I can't ever seem to find one.

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