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Men Have Feelings

Published on 25 May 2023 / In People & Blogs

Did you know that men have feelings?

But is it allowed?

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usr6874038614 1 year ago

Tired of this. Men are less emotional for a reason : survival. Emotions are a liability in emergencies, because they confuse you and stop you from thinking clearly. Emotions are the easiest way to trick someone, facts are a lot harder to fake. Being unemotional also brings stability and focus in life, which is how you build a great life. Stoicism is the way to go.
Men's emotions are attacked, because we are the only ones keeping society from total collapse. As I said, emotions are the easiest way of attack. Women just strut along because they do not understand a non-emotional perspective on life, it is alien to them.

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Masculinism Movement

I'm tired of you

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