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Men Did Provide Now You Can Have Equality (Breakdown) Average At Best Syndrome

Casual Bachelor
Casual Bachelor
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Published on 17 May 2022 / In Entertainment

Discord Channel Link: https://discord.gg/SamF7sjs

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How are things looking out there is your part of the world going forward?

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Drums_McBashington 1 month ago

The sound will be deafening when her bubble pops.

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HairlessMonkey 1 month ago

Instead of wasting every body's time (including hers) posting her vacuous videos she should be sitting in a shrink's office trying to fix herself. Or at least start now stocking up on box wine, Stouffer's frozen dinners, chocolates in heart shaped boxes and cats. Lots of cats!

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MrA_H0Ie 1 month ago

No, he did not weasel his way into the relationship.
She selected him because she knew that she does not have a better option.
Women know their own value. She chose a man who she detests because she knew that her own value is not high enough to get a better one.

This is why women hate low value men so much when they choose those men. Because their choice sets their own value and they know it. It confronts them with their own value and they hate to see that they are so deeply worthless.

It's basic market pressure. They don't understand it because they refuse the logical fact that the sexual market is a free market economy. Now, on a tangent, any attempt by a government to regulate any economy can either increase the price by forcing trade into a black market or simply creates a shortage. There is no way a government or any other authority could force the price to any level without a destructive effect on the amount of trade. So, ultimately either the market is completely free of regulation or the market is not effective.

For the sexual market this means that if ONE woman lowers the price of any sexual act then the price goes down for everyone.
That's the result of ONE woman's decision to be cheap.
Now, since many women set their price low, no woman can expect high investment from any man. It's a very destructive situation for any society where this happens. Men adapt to the price women set for themselves. The problem is, to have mentally stable and highly skilled kids you need long term stability, and that's not possible without bonding, and bonding is not stable if people try to start building it after puberty.

A man who gets to know a woman when she's 27 will never experience both of them being in their puberty (let say at 15) kissing, holding hands and hugging.
Those 12 years are gone. She can't give him that experience to build their bond that would last for life.

She has lost that value for those 2 reasons: first because many women set their expectation low investment by men to engage in sex, and because she wasted the most valuable years of bonding.

So, she's wrong when she thinks she's valuable. No, not any more. She missed her window of opportunity. At her age men provide her more value than she does to them, and that ratio goes down further as they age.

Read between the lines of what she claims.
She turned down rich men?
Maybe. If so, she knows that those men have other options. They would not keep her around for a life long stable relationship. They were looking for a young hot booty to fuck. She knows this. She thought she can do better. But it turns out she can't. She's lonely.

It has nothing to do with the beer bug. That's a cheap scape goat.

Your value is set by deals you get, not by what you believe about yourself.
If no one was willing to foot the bills for her education, it's because she could not show how she could compensate with anything for that investment.

Why would a high value man accept any responsibility for a woman who keeps making destructive decisions?

After 8:38 she admits that her bank account is empty. There you go. Now she can point fingers at other people why is it their fault.
But she said enough other information that proves how she caused it. It's a series of really stupid choices, like refusing to finish her education, starting to look for a job only after (not before) she dropped out of school etc.
Women make those idiotic choices because they know that if there is a problem they can definitely find someone who takes care of them. At the bare minimum they can move back with their parents and get everything for free. They know it, so they don't give a shit that their decisions are predictably destructive.

Short reminder for low IQ only: "price" can be anything, not just money, it can be work, attention, social clout for being with a high value man, any benefit.

Women always SELL sex, it's NEVER for free, no exception. There is a price, every time either upfront or later, and if it's not upfront then it's always much higher than when it's paid in advance.

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csehszlovakze 1 month ago

I know that Anglo guys have unhealthily low standards for women, but still... this chick would be a 3 IF she took care of her appearance! I can't look at the video for long without puking my guts out.

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Yeah the FREE LOADER is busy calling the guys who don't, won't or can't funnel their cash into her gash, all losers....

Yeah.... she is great value she is.

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