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Men Cancelling Cancel Culture, REAL Journalist Punished, Misfortune 500, + More!

Published on 18 Jun 2024 / In Film & Animation

Men are adapting to the new reality of cancel culture, and the cancel pigs aint happy! Also, more manufactured REEEEEcism, DEI gimping products, vegan heart attacks, banning crotchfruit, bad career move, fortune 500 idiocy, and why we have so few real journalists.

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Sure OLD computers just age out... MOST of my upgrades have been because the motherboard just dries out and cracks a track and or the bios fucks up... OR the basic office computer just can't handle the geniune office work it is expected to do..... AS it grows in volume and complexity.

But having to fucking upgrade all the time.. Pffffffffff Tired of it.

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TripeSwing 29 days ago

The last time I played a video game was Super Mario in the early 90s or late 80s, so I don't really get this channel, but I do like to check a few minutes of RGE's commentary sometimes. He seems to be a well rounded individual for a modern younger person.

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