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Men Built Civilization in 5000 Years. Will Women Destroy It In 100? - MGTOW

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Published on 27 Jul 2021 / In People & Blogs

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It took men 5,000 years to build it. It took women 100 years to dismantle it.

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a Patreon donation from Be Free 2. He didn't give me a topic so I thought I'd share a Reddit Post called: "Western civilization is the first and only civilization to allow women to vote. It took men 5,000 years to build it. It took women 100 years to dismantle it." The person starting that subbreddit shared a quote from wikipedia on toxic masculinity that says this and I quote: "The concept of toxic masculinity is used in psychology and gender studies to refer to certain norms of masculine behavior in North America and Europe that are associated with harm to society and men themselves." unquote. At first you see tons of guys freaking out in the comments section under that post thinking that it's only against white males of European descent. But it doesn't take long to check that wikipedia entry and realise that it's fake. I thought no big deal so I'll check archive.org which keeps a record of old website edits. I figured it was in there somewhere over the last four or five years. But it wasn't. Then it made me think that perhaps all the white nationalists that keep attacking MGTOW's for not procreating are trying a different approach instead of shaming us for being gay or something. Instead they present facts as society and women being against men has nothing to do with female nature but everything to do with racism. Before I discuss more let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW book Collection: Anyways, now back to the show. While I believe that western civilization is in decline I don't just blame women for that. Sure we gave them the vote and they voted for socialists. But men have been demoralized and are no longer creating value for society in the same ways they once did because they are no longer fairly compensated for it. Take money for example. In Canada the cost to purchase a home went up thirty percent over the last year. But the government said it only went up 3.5% because they only measure the cost with rental price increases instead of purchase prices. Why work to buy a home if you'll never even be able to save enough for a down payment? Once the average man does somehow get a home miraculously and then tries to get a woman he might realise that women don't want him. So he ends up a single lonely incel. If we think that western civilization is going to crash then we need to compare it to the collapse of the Soviet Union in a way. In the increasingly globalized world we expect men to have zero sex, zero national or cultural identity and own nothing and be happy. Look how well that works in the communist countries. The Soviet Union at least had nationalism and gave men families and even still it only lasted about seventy years. Men could be men without shame. Does anyone think that our society will last seventy years if you take all those things from men in addition to property rights? Most of the smart men will do what men have always done. They will pickup and leave to other countries where masculinity is encouraged instead of in the west where women and elites feminize society so they can rule. The problem is that there will be a brain drain of the best men leaving and productivity gains will slow and eventually fall.

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RossGray 2 months ago


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Mr_Sluggo 2 months ago

Men Built Civilization in 5000 Years. Will Women Destroy It In 100?
Easy answer...Yes (Sooner than that, And Badly).

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James1225 10 2 months ago

Enjoy the decline, entertainment is so unpredictable in feminist Marxist clown world.

   5    0
sauger1001 2 months ago

100?!? I give them 10yrs... tops.

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

Feminism is just one tentacle of the JEW OCTOPUS. A nearby tentacle is called, LGBTQ and it is even more Jewish than feminism. Don't believe me? Watch this!

   8    0
jDAM92 2 months ago

This bitch going straight to hell. Fuck all that bullshit.

   4    1
bigintol03 2 months ago

I watched it! And now I'm sick to my stomach, Goddamn,those people really are filthy trash!

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csehszlovakze 2 months ago

Sandman, do you know anything about Marcus behind GFTMOM? It's been 3 years since he made a video. I hope he's fine and just busy with life.

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zdoctor 2 months ago

WHAMAN ARE THE MOST TOXIC LIVING BEINGS IN HISTORY......whaman will destroy all of humanity shortly.

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hqwebsite 2 months ago

Woman destroys civilizations by destroying the man that builds it.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

She ran from marriage and then got her lover killed as well as her intended before she was queen of Sparta and ran off with Paris to Troy. Her sister was married to Agamemnon at the time. Women will kill the world for spite.

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