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Men aren't even trying anymore, and why should they?

Published on 01 Feb 2023 / In People & Blogs

Entitled, rude, high body count and spicy content. Who can blame men?

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MournBlade 1 year ago

Joker, There is some good news now that you're on Windows 11. There exists a set of tools out there that will blow away all of the unwanted crap that comes with windows 11. As an online gamer since the mid-late 90's, I've had my share of gripes about Windows. My gripes peaked with Win10 and all the crap they put in to spy on us. Thisiswin11 has been the best set of tools since being able to tweak win95. I have used this on two of my machines so far and completely wiped the systems clean. Not even notepad was left. Both systems are snappy and work flawlessly and have done so for the last six months since.

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mrghoster 1 year ago

As a Guy (MGTOW) guy I find that my morals and what I will and wont do, seen to have returned to my nature or persona. Women arte really fussy to the impossible degree with MEN and it is with them all TRIVIAL things like money, height, how much they earn and shit. From a guys point of view and NOT just me, it seems we are reverting to the old natural type of Guy. Personally I don't need a women, but if I did SHE would have to fill certain criteria or piss off. I'm very fortunate to have a personality that likes to be alone so it doesn't really bother me at all anyways.

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I'd say that the single mother numbers are similar in Australia - as it is in America - maybe 1% - 3% behind.

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If you can - change to Linux.....
Microsoft is a cunts act - through and through.

Ask me how and I will do what I can for you.

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ChamberOfCommerce 1 year ago

The problem is that often you need some specific, paid, specialized software, and it tends to be on Win, not LInux, because it's not profitable for the author to release it for Linux

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I made the offer to BB - not you. So why are you coming in with an opinion, about something that has nothing to do with you, when you don't know what HE has and what HE needs to make the transition to Linux? You are not him, and you have no idea, what software he is running and you have no idea what there is of it that has a Linix version OR can be substituted in place of it.... I am not interested in opinions as a basis for doing a half baked excuse to shit can anything. The offer was made to him, and his needs and his list of software requirements in terms of functionality.

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WMHarrison94 1 year ago

Yeah Joker, you can blame us men if you want, but the fault is with the pussy. It made it self unattractive and too costly by believing the Leftist propaganda and then attacking men for not agreeing to that and for being the "Patriarchy" when they tried to protect women. Postmodern period blood stained women have become a gangrenous infected limb: Better to just cut it off.

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