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Men Are Waking Up & Feminists Aren't Happy - MGTOW

Published on 09 Sep 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a bunch of great people that have been giving me superlikes on my Sandman 2 YouTube channel. So I thought I'd cover a topic in their honor. They know who they are. Recently I came across a post called: "Men are finally waking up, and feminists aren't happy" and the woman make it says this and I quote: "How did so many men become so angry so fast? I'm a 24-year-old female and left for a three-week vacation and came home to family, friends, and coworkers suddenly using all this "men's rights" and manosphere slang. I won't repeat it here, but the more I learn, the more frightening it is. My fiancee laughed about my cousin's so-called pretty privilege, than asked me what I "brought to the table" as a partner other than looks and education. For the first time in 2.5 years, he asked me in uncomfortable detail about my past partners. I answered honestly and he replied that we'll be splitting every expense from now on (he earns at least 5x what I do) I've reached out to friends and family then, but no conversation (with the exception of my dad) has gone further than asking how much my fiancee earns. Then awkward silence. Is this gaslighting, or am I just going insane? The context is all he does is play video games while spending two hours a day promoting his family's company online. Nice that he has time to learn about "men's rights." I, on the other hand,actually work." unquote. Here's hoping that I've made enough of a contribution to the manosphere in the last ten years to add to this woman's fiancee's red pill rage. This woman is getting a taste of equality and she doesn't like it. She sounds like a gold digger getting together with a man that has a successful family business. He makes 5x the money that she does partially because his family is paying him more and also because he's working smarter instead of harder. But some people have said that this is a fake post. Maybe, but red pill ideas have been seeping into the culture for quite some time. Even mentioning Andrew Tate's name in English schools will get kids suspended. That's how powerful manosphere ideas are. Women don't know how to adapt in this digital world where ideas about women spread from one man's mind to another like a virus. A woman can't always control what a man listens to online. Just look at this woman going on her three week long vacation and leaving her fiancee unsupervised at home long enough for him to find and listen to enough content about female nature, digest it and start to question the relationship. She of course feels powerless and is only posting this to whine, complain and use everyone that will listen to her complain as her emotional tampon.

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csehszlovakze 3 months ago

at this point, even if the pussy cartel could censor all MGTOW content off the internet AND managed to kill all of us one by one they'd still fail at stopping the avalanche.

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The feminists cop the push back....

Example 01.

Red Pilled Questions:

Posted in Conan the Cooch Crusher.

@HereticVII: Hmmm the retarded feminists are so brainwashed with bullshit.... They watch this, are outraged, get as randy as fuck, scream about sexist mysongeny and fuck the patriarchy, and then run off to bed crying, because that is where their cheap box wine, slabs of head meds, pussy cats and boxes of dildos are.... along with their infertility and eternal single bitch misery...

I like to bullshit in fun, especially when I am dealing with the brain dead... And I was making a report about a crime location, and the idiot I was reporting too, wanted to know if the building on AAA street, was located between the intersections of BBB and CCC streets, so I told them, "Naaaa it's actually next to the back fence" and she repeated the qquestion, "Oh those I don't know about those but there is a concrete foot path out the front too" and irritatingly, I told her, "Yeah and I have heard tell that one you go out past the town limit signs, there are actually hundreds and hundreds of streets called AAA streets, they are scattered all across Australia - like stars in the night sky, because the AAA street is named after the famous actor and they saw the movies and went back in time to 1832 and named all the streets after him" - The dumb fuck thought I was a lunatic, so she persisted with the lines of questions and I just parried with her, "Have you been diagnosed with any disability or mental illness?" "By Who?" "A doctor" "What sort of doctor?" "What do you mean?" "Well there are doctors of pholosphy, sciences, witch doctors and doctorates in law, engineering etc., - what sort of doctor you mean - specifically? - I mean it's like me asking you about your problems, so aside from being a woman, what other disabilities do you have?" -------------- And dont they arc up.... ,

This is a brilliant question - I forget who put it forward on this site - "Aside from being a woman, what other disabilities do you have?" - but fuck it works wonders... "Oh she who is beyond contempt up on her mile high porcelain tower of pussy power" - Ewww it's full of trash and it's made from feminist cow shit...

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Mustang 3 months ago

The 304's have nothing to worry about. There will always be Simps, Cucks, White Knights, TradCon's, Blue Pillers, Purple Pillers, Beta Male Orbiters and Friend Zone Thirsty's, and of course Chad/Tyrone's to validate a woman's existence.

The only way things would change is if those guys went Monk Mode and I don't ever see that happening.

304's will always refuse to lower their standards and date/marry a good man/nice guy. They would rather spend Saturday Evening alone with a pint of Haagen-Dazs and a cat on her lap.

I don't care anymore. Let the 304's burn into the ground for all I care.

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