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Men are tired of the chaos, in our modern world, and are escaping into the woods to build cabins. - Episode 27


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The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf
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Published on 22 Jan 2022 / In Other

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awol201 4 months ago

Truly, a happy Man .

   4    0
gchase 4 months ago

PBS showed his movie about that experience. Amazing story.

   3    0
ancientredpill 4 months ago

Fantastic show I saw it years ago.

   0    0
gchase 4 months ago

.y daughter and her family lives in Montana. I envy her.
Love to have a log cabin near a lake
Simple. Peaceful. Quiet. Isolated.

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InfiniteMushroom 4 months ago

That will only last so long. Look at what happened to Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge during the Clinton regime. He was murdered for not submitting to tyranny and (((TPTB))) made an example of, not only him but, the idea that isolation in the forest will save you.

Look at what happened to David Koresh and the Branch Davidian Cult! Unlike Randy Weaver, the cult had provisions and firearms to fight the BATF. But, after a long siege, the FBI and BATF finally wore them down and bombed it.

Going into the forest or into a compound will only work as a fall back or respite from battle. Whites have to come out fighting and throw off our Jewish chains. Just about every bad thing in your mind came from the Electric Jew aka TV. While I'm at it, STOP WATCHING PROFESSIONAL AND COLLEGE SPORTS!!! Stop supporting it! It's Jew filth from top to bottom.

The first thing to kick to the curb is that pusillanimous Jeebus. Loved by women, slaves, and simps. He was no glorious god like Jupiter or Apollo or Krishna. He was no mortal hero like Hercules or Ulysses or Arjuna or Adolf Hitler. Jeebus was a rebellious rabbi who was crucified on the cross for shaming his fellow Jews and telling them to get back to Moses and stop sucking Caesar's dick. After the Jews crucified him and reaffirmed their fealty to Caesar once again, Jeebus was later MADE into a Savior by the most unsavory Jews of his time: Paul of Tarsus, Josephus, and later, the crypto-Jews in the Council of Nicea.

Whites don't seem to grasp that all of the glory heaped upon Jeebus was PROJECTED ONTO HIM. Those glorious myths and hymns were created by US. WHITES projected our imagination upon Jeebus like a movie screen, and then we spent the last 1500 years or so worshiping the movie screen instead of the White genius that created the glorious images in the first place.

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