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Men are taking easier jobs, now women struggle with work and being a single mom

Better Bachelor
Better Bachelor
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Published on 18 Sep 2022 / In People & Blogs

Another win for men. While their income is dropping they're enojoying more free time and getting away from the hassles of marriage.

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havok545 14 days ago

"What do women want? EVERYTHING!" - Chris Rock

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NoFemVAL 15 days ago

The only time I was ever miserable in life was when there was a women in my life.....goddamn its good to be a gangsta !!!!

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mrghoster 15 days ago

A Family without a MAN or Husband or Father, is simply NOT a family, and if it is it is going to be ultra Dysfunctional. This is why I an go glad in these awful times to be a single MAN alone in this place as little to nothing of today impacts me at all. If it does inb some mild way I adapt around it every time. Women have and are destroying themselves and convention so let the CUNT's get on with it, they are going to be the loser's, especially when REAL independent MEN tell them to go fuck themselves. I find it so easy to tell a women to fuck off even though I still get noticed. The thought of Entrapment enter's my head the moment a fefail even smiles at me and I offer a straight face back at it. Their mind's and bodies alike are now disgusting. Mainly their mental issues as that is now visibler in their overall appearance of lookijng like a tattooed WHORE show's a Good MAN a lot about them.

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Miserable Nasty Bitches.....
LOL - No sympathies there.

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