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Men are checking out of dating, relationships, and marriage - Episode 18


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The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf
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Published on 05 Jan 2022 / In Other

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Menwalkaway 5 months ago


   1    0

Love it.....

Women once had 3 holes to fuck, and now they have 6 more - TWO extra from shooting themselves in the both feet for fucking it all up with men, and FOUR more from nailing each other to the Cross of Victimhood.

Fuck them.

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mrghoster 5 months ago

I've done all the conventional CRAP and have been alone (NOT lonely) for decades now. I no longer feeel any need for RelationSHIT's with women. A good looking modern woman is like having a showroom condition ferreari on the drive with NO engine, and modern women are about as much fun as well! lol! I would certainly NOT recommend Marriage to any Guy especially today. building your own life in todays world is the way forward. Neither wo0uld I be Cruel enough to bring a child into this shit show of a world either?

   6    0
Bagoodman 5 months ago

Your not really a lone wolf - There are 10's of Thousands of us in the Pack ! ...{8^)_**

   7    0
sauger1001 5 months ago

Every now and then, a jealous/miserable "grizzly bear" (a simp) will come and try to disrupt our newly created sense of mental stability, peace of mind from not playing an unwinnable game. A "pack" of creators will share their newly caught "prey" (content) with the rest of the pack, while a simp will come and try to steal the remains of the "carcass", but they're never content with themselves. They're guys, which makes them worse than Twitch thots; never satisfied, alwYs

   5    0
sauger1001 5 months ago

@sauger1001: always disruptive, attention whores.

   2    0
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