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Memoirs of an Invisible 57 Year Old Woman | Grunt Speak

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Published on 09 Jan 2023 / In Comedy

When you wait until the back 9 to start playing for keeps, you always lose.
#TerrencePopp #Copium #InvisibleWomen

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There is a ratio of how ugly their attitude is - and how low they score on the desirablity scale.

Nasty, petty, selfish, ingrates - no matter how good they look cosmetically or otherwise - women with bad attitudes are ugly to the core.

The woman who wrote this propaganda piece is a retarded nasty cunt - who will never get a man....

She can spend the rest of her days shoving lemons up her arse, until she can taste the bitterness coming floating up past her back teeth.

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Councilof1 25 days ago

On a sidenote what were they thinking calling their entity "The Huffington Post"? Sounds like they've been huffing glue.

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I can't be fucked looking this up to refresh a now vague and distant memory - but Audrianna Huffington started this feminist rag and after a few years, she made shit loads out of it and then sold it. She named her media outlet, after herself..... And now... it's spiralling into oblivion spewing propaganda pieces by dumb lying cunts, for dumb lying cunts.... Legacy Media - Rotting on the vine.

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Usually I would look it up and double check everything - but shit hole publications that publish shit like this - let them dry out and die in the desert of abandonment.

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The Man Inside
The Man Inside 25 days ago

Well Terrence, you read the comments, thought I should tell you one who claims to be one of yours, military, is straight out calling you a "beta". He goes deeper, but you can hear for yourself. Check him out.

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