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Memes Of The Week #84 - MGTOW

Published on 03 Dec 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hey everybody welcome to another episode of memes of the week. You can support this channel through the Paypal and Subscribestar links below any and all donations are helpful. Nothing is too big or too small. Also before I get on with the memes first a word from today's sponsor Chris Whalen:

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WMHarrison94 3 months ago

Well, you can't say Britney did not warn you cause "I'm toxic..."

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Synuvoz 3 months ago

Where is #82

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Councilof1 3 months ago

My dad once said "fat women are like mopeds, they're both fun to ride until your friends catch you".

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zdoctor 3 months ago

THIS IS WHAT WHAMAN HAVE BECOME..........SHE THINKS SHES STRONG AND EMPOWERED.....but whaman today are becoming more and more drunk, belligerent, blue haired, masculine, tatted up, pierced, rude, entitled whaman. . . . here is a perfect demonstration of what todays whaman are turning into today. . . . todays example is here...

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zdoctor 3 months ago

ATTENTION GENTLEMEN........although an older article from april this year this is showing you the state of affairs we are in. . . . i think the definition of a female teacher should be re named to PREDATOR. .... . . here 6 female teachers are in the news all under one article. . . the more men see this in the news the more men realize whaman do NOT have the value they THOUGHT they had as whaman. . . .whaman these days can be evil predators that are hunting children in the classroom. . . . we need to be very very careful of whaman ( i mean predators ) these days. . . . since many whaman victimize men then claim to be victims themselves as their behaviour is duplicitous and its getting a bit obvious. . . . here is yet ANOTHER article on how whaman can be PREDATORS. . . never trust them gentlemen. . . live for yourself . . . HERES THAT ARTICLE......

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