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Memes Of The Week #83 - MGTOW

Published on 01 Dec 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hey everybody welcome to another episode of memes of the week. You can support this channel through the Paypal and Subscribestar links below to keep me making this series. Any and all donations are helpful. Before I get on with the memes first a word from today's sponsor Hakkon The Good:

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WMHarrison94 3 months ago

Peanut Butter... LOL! I heard from Latinas or LA city piosoners ... that spaghetti sauce works "good" too....

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zdoctor 3 months ago

#dontbelieveallwhaman . . . . .ANDDDDDD THE GRAPIST OF THE DAY GOES TO........another whaman predator that pretended to be 14 to grape other boys that age. ......and shes admitted to have done it up to 30 times..........STRONG AND EMPOWERED IS WHAT THESE WHAMAN ARE.!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,i bet this whaman will not serve much time at all. . . notice how they say she molested and not grape!!!!!!. . . .shes probably a grapist.. . . . and whats more appalling is she did it up to 30 times that she admitted to!!!!!. . . . AVOID ALL WHAMAN .....this is what whaman today are like.!!!! ......heres the article....

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GenerationLESS 3 months ago

Lucy Lou ALWAYS looked like a dog!

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