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Memes Of The Week #8 - MGTOW

Published on 18 Mar 2023 / In People & Blogs

Memes Of The Week #8 - MGTOW

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WMHarrison94 8 days ago

I love the Foreheads and the Crazy Train!

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My borderline cunt of a mother - DID have some kind of abstract good points.
She always beat off the other women to get the men she wanted....

AND at 7:27

In regards to the woman who is tatted from head to toe, taking her home to meet mother (dearest) (if she is still alive) would be an interesting thing.

Dear Space Cadet Idiot - would more than likely claw her fucking eyes out.

She doesn't like junkie, liars, whores and scumbags - because they remind her of what a piece of shit she is......

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Calling All Stations

Just look at that first guy with Madonna. His face says it all. Women can gold dig with a smile on their face but men still have that sting of pride. Look at him...nothing but same at his loss of dignity.

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1:27 Holy fuck that’s so damn funny

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Councilof1 9 days ago

I have to laugh at the grandma fucker. I definitely have to remember that one.

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