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Memes Of The Week #58 - MGTOW

Published on 18 Sep 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hey everybody welcome to another episode of memes of the week. You can support this channel through the Paypal and Subscribestar links below as my YouTube channel has been demonitized and I don't know how long I can keep making this series. Any and all donations are helpful. Nothing is too big or too small. Also before I get on with the memes first a word from today's sponsor Stoic Indifference:

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WMHarrison94 9 months ago

Well, I like that Taylor Swift and what's his name Rich men North of Richmond singer meme. Oh yeah, it's a man bitching. "Whah! Man Up, right?" I love it every time women say man up" I just laugh in their face. Bitch up or Women Up should be used every time they bitch. "Oh, I'm sorry ma'am. Women Up and put your big girl panties on"..." Mau up is a phrase from men to men or boys only. Laugh at them women always when they say it. Hmmm, could pussy up be used?! I mean they already are, right?

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sauger1001 9 months ago

Her, sounding like the end of AOL: "Goodbye"! LMAO!

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csehszlovakze 9 months ago

I can't find anything on the internet anymore, but there was some happening before that guy came on top of the chart. Now, if I try to find anything about Farmville VA there's nothing... search term pollution was successful.

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