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Memes Of The Week #26 - MGTOW

Published on 29 May 2023 / In People & Blogs

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WMHarrison94 11 months ago

Oh Sandman, that's old news now. Screen reviews were so bad that they reshot the ending where apparently divorced, broken Indy (just like KK's Han Solo) wants to stay in the past because his son Mutt (Shia LeBoef) is dead and the arc girl divorced him, but annoying, entitled god-daughter gets to punch him out and drag his "loser ass" back through time. Somehow, hottie old lady arc girl (Karen) takes his ass back... They changed this just in time for the French Can festival, who were bored to death... KK has done it: She destroyed all of George and Stephen's work and IPs! Hey women! Enjoy your misery ALONE!

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WMHarrison94 11 months ago

The Wall hath no mercy...

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usr6874038614 12 months ago

7:10 the sniff(st)er : could be her insecurity, but since she likes to sniff as long as she can, I rather think it's pheromones; especially after a workout things down there spread their primal scent big time. Same reason as panty sniffers, just opposite gender. But he does have to be careful, this could very quickly turn into the "Were you in another woman" during PMS time.

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Menwalkaway 12 months ago

She looks like a corpse

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Never_Again 12 months ago

06:10 ... I had it paused ~ Boebart time stamp, had to do some shit & then more shit @2am ... WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT !!!

Oh My God in Heaven. What the Fuck.?

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