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Memes Of The Week #187 - MGTOW

Published on 13 Jun 2024 / In People & Blogs

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Hey everybody welcome to another episode of memes of the week. The best thing you can do for this channel is bang that like button like it's Sydney Sweeney in a sundress so that it reaches a wider audience. Also before I get on with the memes first a word from today's sponsor The Red Pill Ring:

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WMHarrison94 1 month ago

As for women' revenge, it's not that hard to understand: It actually involves "astrology" believe it or not. I believe "astrology" was the forbidden knowledge women gave up their interspecies virginity to Fallen Angels who fathered their man eating giants. Now, astrology was just a way to track time...I asked this question once to God El of Irsael the Holy Spirit, and my answer was this:

So, the Jews through at the time called Hebrew or in Egypt Habiru or Abiru and carved on the pyramids and tombs as "Anoa" or as Amoa Israel (the Nation of Israel): For three hundred years they were stuck and later enslaved in Egypt? Why so long? Astrological Ages, which are about 2,200 years. They were in the Age of Taurus when they entered Egypt, the Age of the Fertility Cults, ie orgies. Also in that Age, there was a God El and His Consort/Wife Ashereh, the Tree of Life. In Egypt, these two were together. Women had equal or a privileged standing in "society." Think Vestal Virgins of Rome but without being virgins.

After the Exodus, while Moses is off talking to God El in Mount Sinai, they asked Aaron to perform a ritual sacrifice: So they made the Golden Bull for the rites: Only problem, time for a new Covenant for the new Age, Age of the Ram or Biblicalky Age of Laws, Moses' Laws. Shortly after Exodus, within a hundred years or do, Ashereh was shunned so that the Nation of Israel could be GodElof Israel's Wife and women lost their standing. This was over three eons ago, and for three eons Western Women, the product of Israelites and Greeks specifically Helenites, have hated men ever since. Just like the pussy remembers getting stretched by "giant" big Fallen Angels, the women crave deeper and deeper penetration... that is the problem: The DNA remembers, her DNA. Few people realize this: so God of Israel is El Elohim as Jacob who became Israel (He Who Struggles With God.) Though, in his father Isaac and grandfather Abraham's day Their God El was known as their "Kinsman." Words matter and as The XFiles said, "The Truth is Out There." Sometimes, it is still carved in Stone...

By the way, those PreGreek Heliades and Israelites were both led out of Egypt by Moses: We know their path via their Hebrew graffiti literally carved in stone and where they crossed the Red Sea because they erected stone pillars, but only one stands today, and the Mycenaeans have recored the Red Sea crossing on Stone Burial markers... Watch Exodus Decoded made by Simcha Jacobovich and James Cameron for more details.

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WMHarrison94 1 month ago

Yeah, the music industry sucks... a bunch of Satanists run it: Yeah, they pedos too, but more importantly, they used the mass media music to send out spells enchanting retards for sales...

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myopinion 1 month ago

@1:49-2:04 - They can walk, & chew bubblegum, at the same time. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ( I guess Sandman can't ) ... .... ....... it's NOT a, ............... one, ....... OR the other, ..... situation. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pushing for the end of, BIGOTRY & WHITE COLONIALISM, >>>>>>>> can happen, at the same time. ... ... .... They live in the U.S. ....... ( so there is, NO threat )

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