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Melbourne Australia - This Is How To Bust Up Police Lines

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Published on 19 Sep 2021 / In Film & Animation

The cops enforcing "Th' Rules", saying you can't protest mandatory lock downs - like 2 years of them so far - AND - being forced to take the "Global Depopulation Blood Clot Shot", by smashing people peacfully protesting in the head with steel truncheons and pepper spray..... Like fuck. These cops should not be enforcing shit this bad, using techniques that are plain criminal assaults. Essentially the corrupt cops and the corrupt "lie our fucking arses off" media and the corrupt goverment and health dept management - deserve to be hung after a trial for crimes against humanity.
If Commie Cock Sucker "Dan the Man" likes the CCP so much, he can move to China and donate his organs over there.

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Maxxx 1 year ago

That man's a legend.

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