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Mega-Simp Waits 3 Months To Sleep With 40 Year Old Woman - MGTOW

Published on 21 Jun 2022 / In People & Blogs

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'After Wasting 4 Years on Dating Apps, I Found Love Using My '333 Strategy''

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from SD MGTOW and here's what he has to say: "Hello Sandman, I found an article and I thought you might base an episode off of it. The woman in it became depressed as the number of guys asking her out began to decrease as she reached the age of 30. Instead of attributing the decrease to her declining marketplace value and degraded fertility, she figured it was due to using the wrong dating strategy. So she began using a "3-3-3" strategy, which was based upon dating 3 guys at a time, playing them against each other, and making them all wait 3 months to touch her. The strategy has not resulted in any marriage or long term relationships, but she did get a Newsweek article out of it. I wonder if this is the future of the dating world: Desperate cat-herding women living their lives like a Dating Reality Show for media spectacle instead of dates. I'm interested in your thoughts. Keep up the good work. Signed, SD MGTOW. (Single Dad Happily Going His Own Way since being Raped By Commie-Fornia Divorce Court Many Years Ago)" Well SD MGTOW thanks for the donation and topic. Haifa Barbari the woman in this article is way past the age of 30. She looks to be in her mid to late forties. Also she didn't get an article out of her story she wrote the article herself and probably paid newsweek for the privilege. Because if you read all the way to the bottom and are emotionally invested you'll see a link to her self-coaching app. The article is all about social proof that her 3-3-3 system works. This article reminds of ones about the real estate market. A so called expert in their field writes an article so you'll hire them. Remember that Newsweek and the legacy media in general are dying and losing viewers. Even paying a hundred dollars for someone to write a short article is getting too much for them. So an author that pays for the privilege about her so called dating strategy for women works out better for them. Haifa is hilarious because she believes that not giving a man commitment for 3 months is going to work. I guess she's never heard that woman are the gate keepers of sex and men are the gate keepers of commitment. I guess she wants to be the gate keeper of both. But being in her mid forties she's rapidly starting to resemble the cryptkeeper. But I didn't read anywhere that she doesn't let guys touch her. Do you really think those guys she's dating are sticking around for 3 months waiting to stick it in her? If they are then they are mega simps. They would have to be to wait around 3 months for what looks to be a 45-year-old woman. I'll discuss more about this disgusting mess in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Hex:

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csehszlovakze 12 months ago

the word you're looking for is ADVERTISEMENT

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sorearm 12 months ago

urgh. I hope he bleached his c*ck afterwards

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