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Published on 25 May 2023 / In People & Blogs

I’m severing ties with a teaching service soon. I did not sign a contract.
Does offering the discount cheapen my services? I have a good retention rate with good feedback form parents. Or just let them know the policy will be the same and to call me to discuss rates?

Hi Stef. What would you say is the motivation behind people who seem to like being miserable and panicky? They constantly see problems with every solution. Some have even expressed fear and worry over the lock-downs ending! I know one woman who spends her entire day sitting in the chair on Instagram and on news services simply finding out about all the bad stuff going on the in the world, and then sharing her anxiety all day long. What is it that make such people tick?

What are some good books on sales? I have a small company where I make websites and can always use more customers

What is your opinion of people who never apologize or take responsivity of people that they have done great harm. Do these people not have a conscience, and should these people be avoided?

Withholding of sex is a kind of reverse aggression

Love the song quizzes btw. I’ve only gotten a handful right but very fun way to start the show

What about when people half ass apologize? They apologize but don’t change their behavior

Did Izzy have a favorite childhood book ? Any recs

You’ve said you think it’s unfair that God chose to show some people miracles but we don’t get that proof
Don’t you think that God makes things not 100% certain so that we keep pursuing them?
We don’t think about gravity everyday because we accept it
If we aren’t certain about how God works we pursue him

Jesus lived the perfect life: his choices, compassion and love for all men; one could argue that in itself is the proof of divinity one can observe to this day.

I worked in a bar that was totally consumed by football. It wasn't a sports bar just a pub that was owned by a man who was obsessed.

If you spend much time listening to these podcasts, Stef has saved you tons of time because he doesn’t have ads

I dare say that I get more self-help from Stefan, than I did with 2+ years with a counselor (cognitive behavioral therapy) at $130 for 50 mins, with 4x visits a month. Thank you Stefan. I love you, homie. 😁 I subscribed for the last 2 years, donate occasionally and tip.

My husband n I were cracking up at your sports ball impression. Can’t wait to rewatch later. 😆😆

Hey Stef what would do if a programmer you interviewed had a job at Onlyfans?

Recently been doing some contracting for some large NHS trusts in London - they reported their largest security concern at the moment is ...staff not being able to read ...

Hey Sportsball guys do a great service to those who want to stay shallow. Money well spent

Thanks Stef... sounds like you are as frustrated with sports obsession as me...I think it's stupid

$100s of dollars to watch ball go fast or $5 a month for future of the earth? Why does God give us the toughest challenges?

An old friend of mine teaches philosophy in Houston and literally donates sperm on the side to make ends meet. 😆

You are killin it tonight w Bowie reference

My band is having trouble coming up with a name for it, got any suggestions? lol

Livestream 24 May 2023

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