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Masters & Slaves - Morality is a weapon

red maple
red maple
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Published on 12 Apr 2022 / In People & Blogs

Morality of the free vs morality of the dependents.

Should morality be ignored?

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TheDemonKing 6 months ago

I agree!
Morality is just a collar the slaves are trying to put around our necks. It doesn't empower people it paralyzes them and causes them to languish in misery and inaction while their enemies become emboldened.
We must not fall to morality,we must not listen to it. I truly do agree it's just a weapon being used against us,a blunt tool of shame

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SchemeHub 6 months ago

If the master slaps you, that already starts out on immoral ground. So enduring pain and abuse develops morality? Perhaps.

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