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Marriage Is The Mafia - MGTOW

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Published on 26 May 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video isn't brought to you by any donations because YouTube keeps throttling my channel down and reducing my traffic. Regardless of that I want to read some comments from someone named R & R. So here's what he has to say and I quote: "Hey sandman, I've thought about writing MGTOW content for you and maybe later we can work something out. I'm a bit of a recluse, only being awake and going out when the sun is down and people aren't around, here's a script I came up with. "Hey Everyone, Sandman here, today we're going to talk about the Marriage Contract and how marrying a woman is like hiring a union employee, once you hire her you cannot fire her, no matter what. After 7 years you have to pay her for life. Imagine that, telling your boss to shove it and walking off the job but your boss still has to pay you your salary for life! Men are industrious, so most of us would still find something to do with out time, whether that's wood working carpentry, metal working welding, or even making youtube videos and supporting the MGTOW community. Under Marriage Contract Law, men are viewed as employers and women as union employees, but the parallel ends there because Union Employees are almost always highly skilled Labor, Tradesmen: Welders, Carpenters, Mechanics, Shiprights, General Contractors, ect, and employers can negotiate with Unions for Production. But what highly sought after skill do Union Wives bring to the table? Women today refuse to cook, clean, or do laundry even tho most of those tasks are automated, because doing those things is patriarchy and "enslavement." But women also refuse to marry down in status or wealth when their career has been socially engineered to reward them financially better than men for less production either in the office or the bedroom. American women today are not just a bad deal for men they're a bad deal for American businesses. They are low skill low production workers in business and at home because they don't specialize and refuse to invest time and effort into the skills they're good at. Look at me, I'm Mr Sandman! My specialization is photography and video and I have specialized in that by continually making MGTOW content along with wedding photography and videos, but what do many women specialize in? Often, the most successful women quit their careers around age 30-35 to have children, because their biological clock tick-tocks so loud they will do anything to shut it up, but Western Society has invested millions in them through direct scholarships and through massive social engineering at the direct detriment of men, and where is it taking us? We haven't seen the massive production losses solely because of the massive production increases we're seeing in automation, but right now we ARE seeing massive corporate mismanagement
i.e. Gillete, Disney, ect. (Many more examples can be added) Atlas will most certainly shrug as more and more men passively refuse to work for and support a system that has completely disenfranchised us. The service economy is going to get very very expensive for things that only men traditionally do, i.e. the Dirty Jobs, the jobs that women just don't do. It would be a real shame if all Red Pilled and MGTOW men doubled the price of any product, service, or contract when dealing with blue haired feminist, a real shame indeed. America is considering a Bachelor Tax, but we're the ones doing the actual work, so we get to decide what to charge, and besides, who wants to put up with the entitled attitude, that in itself should warrant a 20% surcharge, call it an attitude tax. If you're running a small business you know what I mean, there are simply customers who's attitude is so bad you almost don't even want their business.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 2 months ago

Marriage is the mafia, But we as MGTOW are the rebels.

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Markcohen 2 months ago

Instead of hiring women hire trans women. Let em be whatever they want they still have drive of a man. And it counts completely and you’ll be pro lgbt even if you don’t care for them like I do. Win win win. Everyone wins.

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One_Ronin 2 months ago

Sandman, when the time comes to shift gears just re-brand to Sandman 2.0 which will you run from 40 - 60. Then 3.0 from 60 - 80 (where you reflect back on your predictions). 2.0 can have extra hands contributing to the content (which you declare). Nothing wrong with the evolution of a product that works, hanging on to something that worked once but refused to evolve might be the end game for that product (think Polaroid (interesting story) and Blackberry).

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Councilof1 2 months ago

Great title. Right on point.

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VaperGamer 2 months ago

first... baaahhhaaaa

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