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Mark Steyn reacts to the Albanian 'takeover' of Central London

Published on 30 Nov 2022 / In Film & Animation

What is left for the p[eople of the UK the English especially, the nation that dare not speak it's name. This video well the content has angered me very much as a Brit or Englishman anyways. Only a year ago they wanted to ruin christmas ny keeping us all in. If you went to aubties house you may get stopped in your car and breathilized. Yet we have these foireigners breaking all the rules of the roads in Car's I could never afford. I mean where do IO or anyone start?

Politic's Fucking useless
Polices Fucking uselesss
Lae Fucking useless
Health service Fuyxcking useless
Doctor's Fucking useless
Poatal Service Fucking useless

You name it it is fucked and all fucked vy Goverment, most un-ellected, foreigners STRIPPING this island of everything even down to what you can say about these illegaal and brainwashed INVADER's. There doesn'ty even seem to be a solution. even I now avoid people I refuse to help anyone I'm sad to say. I have been forced to live in a BUBBLE where I alone can at least still personally do my own thing and be happy. Some may say I'm Selfish? But when the wqhole sistem is agains you and to parrot an old meme, "Because of the colour of my SKIN" namely WHITE, or because I have a Penis and not a Vagina, then where the fuck can I go to save myself or where can WE the oppessed White Males Go to survive? Well thank the imaginary GOD for MGTOW.

Don't get me going on Religion either because God and Religioun is a construct of this deceptive system, always has bee. If it was REAL, where is this god in a time when we GLOBALLY as an Entity could really do with outside intervcenyion be it a God or Aliens, where is thisas so called Savior. You have all been fed this fucking LIE for so long with the use of FEAR and oppression you are punch drunk, stynned, Shell shocked, and that is what keeps you a prisoner.

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Lucifer333 2 months ago

Lamborghinis, best car, but a lil to much money for not the best performance

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